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Empowering Growth Through Partnership

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Boundary Street Values

At Boundary Street Capital, we are driven by our core values as Thoughtful, Passionate, and Humble Partners, guiding every investment and decision we make. With a thoughtful approach to investing, our team carefully analyzes opportunities to ensure optimal investment decisions. Our passionate team is dedicated to partnering with digital infrastructure and services businesses and helping them achieve their growth aspirations. We believe in the power of humble collaboration, working hand-in-hand with our portfolio companies to unlock their full potential. As partners, we add value with more than just our capital through strategic guidance and industry expertise to capture the best outcomes.


Innately contemplative about the businesses we evaluate and creative in the custom products and services offered


Deeply enthusiastic about catalyzing digital innovations and connectivity 


A 'mission-first' approach where any team member is willing to take on menial tasks to ensure the best overall outcome


A collaborative spirit of partnership is the core of our internal and external relationships
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