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Arlington, VA

Company Description

Cloud-based association management software built 100% native on the platform.

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“Boundary Street differentiated themselves from other lenders through their industry knowledge and experience. They claim to “add value with more than just capital” and they backed up those words with actions.” – Jerry Huskins (CEO)

Capital Solution

Boundary Street provided a compelling, second-lien debt facility with the flexibility to help Fonteva invest in additional sales & marketing initiatives and software development costs. The Company was able to accelerate bookings and position itself as a an attractive acquisition for Togetherwork, a portfolio company of GI Partners, who bought Fonteva in February of 2021.


The investment in Fonteva was realized in 2021.

Jerry Huskins is a portfolio company executive and is not a Boundary Street client, investor, or beneficial owner and was not compensated for this testimonial.

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